Infrastructure as Code: AWS CloudFormation Best Practices

Learn by Seeing and Doing: Explore AWS CloudFormation Best Practices From an Operational Reference Architecture and Application


In this workshop, you will be exposed to AWS CloudFormation best practices during the assembly of an operational reference architecture and application that includes networking services, load balancer, database, cache, Docker containers, monitoring, alerting, etc.

Each attendee will be provided a lab kit with step by step instructions on how to build out the reference architecture and application exposing AWS CloudFormation best practices at each stage.

Best practices to help you utilize AWS CloudFormation more effectively and securely.

  • Learn how to plan, organize and manage your stacks and their resources.

  • Develop reusable, configurable and composable templates that create and manage your AWS resources and the software application that runs on them.

  • Learn how to leverage AWS CloudFormation to capture environmental changes succinctly and perform version control.

Best practices such as

  • Organizing Your Stacks by Lifecycle and Ownership

  • Performing Drift Detection Operation on a Stack

  • Use of AWS-Specific Parameter Types and Parameter Constraints

  • Limiting Access to CloudFormation Stacks with IAM.

  • Use of WaitConditionHandle, WaitCondition, DependsOn Wherever Applicable

  • Creating Change Sets Before Updating Your Stack

  • Use of Code Reviews and Revision Controls to Manage Your Templates

  • Use of Stack Policies and AWS CloudTrail to Log AWS CloudFormation Calls

  • etc


We recommend that attendees have the following prerequisites:

  • Good working knowledge of AWS core services and intermediate knowledge of AWS Cl0udFormation.

  • Familiarity with the Linux operating system and command line interface.

  • Requires a laptop to complete lab exercises – tablets are not appropriate.

Date & Time - April 22 2018 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT

Location - Virtual and In-person Classroom

1515 Young Street Stone Room (7th Floor), Dallas, TX 75201

Class Size - 30


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