Hyperledger Fabric on AWS: Transitioning from Development to Production

Learn by Seeing and Doing. Experience the Design, Implementation and Administration of Hyperledger Fabric on AWS


In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to observe and engage with a production setup of Hyperledger Fabric on AWS from an operational and administrative perspective. You will learn by seeing and doing what's required to design, implement and administer a secure, and resilient Hyperledger Fabric on AWS. The workshop starts with an overview of the Hyperledger Fabric concept and fundamentals.

  • The architecture, a consensus mechanism, and transaction flow

  • Fabric CA and Membership Service Provider (MSP)

  • Anatomy of configuration files and crypto material

  • Smart contracts (chaincode)

Each attendee will be provided a lab kit with step by step instruction that guides you through the setup and provides opportunities to make adjustments that enhances your understanding.

The workshop ends with a demonstration of Amazon Managed Blockchain - Hyperledger Fabric.

Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure on AWS Setup

  • Kubernates & AWS ECS for container orchestration to automate the deployment, management, scaling, networking, and availability of the Hyperlegdger Fabric containers.

  • Hyperledger Fabric CA integration with LDAP as the user registry and integration with a PostgreSQL database.

  • Showcase the setup and best practices for Membership Service Providers (MSP)

  • Kafka-Zookeeper Fabric as the consensus protocols for the network

  • Operational service for log level management, health checks and exposed metrics (a pull model based on Prometheus and a push model based on StatsD.) that provide insight into the behavior of the system.

  • CouchDB as an external state database.

  • etc.


  • We recommend that attendees have the following prerequisites:

  • Good working knowledge of AWS core services

  • Familiarity with the Linux operating system and command line interface.

  • Working knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric concept and fundamentals.

  • Requires a laptop to complete lab exercises – tablets are not appropriate.

Date & Time - April 25 2018 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT

Location - Virtual & In-person Classroom

1515 Young Street Stone Room (7 Floor), Dallas, TX 75201

Class Size - 30


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