The immersive three-month program aimed at equipping undergraduate or graduate students with the technical training, network, resources and community they need to launch, sustain and excel in their tech careers.

Amplifies the typical internship experience with training focused on what companies are looking for that builds upon what they are learning in the classroom and introduction to emerging technologies.

Real-world experience on what it takes to collaboratively develop a product from scratch and the professional development skills required to excel at their tech career.

20 students across five disciplines


  • Tech For Good Project - Developing Technology Solutions for Social Good.

  • Speak at tech conferences.

  • Contribute to open source projects.

  • Professional development skills required to excel in a tech career.


  • Software Engineer

  • Data Engineer

  • Site Reliability Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Product Manager

Promoted Principles

  • Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement

  • Digging more in-depth than just surface information

  • Self-Learning and the importance of the basics

  • Being ambitious with a willingness to raise one's hand and ask questions

  • Challenge assumptions and seek insights to make informed decisions

  • Not knowing but not being satisfied with staying there and not taking anything at face value.

  • Experimentation

  • The ability to express ideas effectively both verbally and in writing

  • Making Things Happen

  • Contributing to conferences, speaking engagements, StackOverflow, Meetups, etc

  • Networking

  • Being Well-Rounded