Tutoring and mentorship services for anyone interested in a career in the tech industry or already working in the tech industry and interested in another tech career path or just trying to learn something new or become certified on a platform. There are a plethora of online resources for self-teaching but sometimes it can be challenging sticking to it, knowing where and how to start, sometimes you get stuck and need a help button and encouragement.

  • Tutoring for online training courses

  • Tutoring and mentorship for tech career paths and certifications



Struggling with an online course, you are taking or need help creating realistic data.

  • 20-minute consultation to get an idea of your needs.

  • Personalized resource guide.

  • 2 hr personal sessions run via video-chat with a minimum of 20 minutes per session

Starts at $120.00


tutoring and mentorship for tech career paths and certifications

  • Personalized education development plan based on your goals and background

  • Incorporates all relevant online resources to help you learn

  • Route360 developed content that incorporates labs/exercises, case studies, examples, FAQs, real-world problems, and solutions. Additionally, includes best practices and cookbooks from people working with the technology on a daily basis.

  • Real-problem environment and problem simulation to challenge your understanding of the subject matter.

  • 30 hours of personal sessions run via video-chat or in-person and valid for two months.

  • Unlimited question and answer during and after the initial one month.

Contact us if the tech career path or certification you are interested in is not part of our current catalog.